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    Toggle button to control video...


      Ok, here's my dilemna. Basically, I converted a 2-minute long mp3 to an flv file so I could run audio throughout my Flash Catalyst document as background music (which could be totally wrong in-and-of itself). I don't want the player to be visible on the screen, so for that I obviously have it outside the artboard. I do, however, want the option for the user to be able to pause/play the video (which, again, is just audio). So, I created a Toggle Button from customized artwork to handle this. I've tried what I think is every possible combination to get it to work and the most I've been able to do is stop it without being able to play it when I click the button again.

      I've tried multiple interactions together like On Click>Pause Video in any state AND On Click>Play video in any state at the same time to no avail. It seems to only accept the first interaction. It did seem to work with mouse down and mouse up interactions working simultaneously, but it only worked if I dragged the mouse curser over the button. And that was shotty at best.

      I just can't seem to figure it out so any help would be much appreciated!



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          Rdanielsdesign Level 1

          Or the other side of this is:

          Is there a better way to play audio continuously from state to state, while still keeping the player invisible and having a customized toggle button available to play and pause it? Something I should add:

          The file is composed of 2 pages/states only. The flv audio begins in the first page along with an flv intro video. The audio then carries over to the 2nd page after the video finishes and and the page transitions . The toggle button only becomes visible in the second page after a move-in.

          I just really need to figure out how to make this toggle button work properly.

          Please help.


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            It might be too late by now ... but I had the same question.

            And found the answer on pages 150-154 of the Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Classroom in a Book here: http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/web-development/flash/9780321718129/adding-and-contro lling-video-and-sound/153



            It talks about putting a toggle button and video (with the controls turned off) both into a custom/generic component.

            In this component you basiclly create two states ... one with the video paused and one with the video playing. You then set interactions on the toggle button to play video when in one state and pause in the 2nd state. You can also control the appearance between the two states .e.g make the button transparent when video is in play state ... clever stuff!


            Hope that helps ... or others with the same problem.