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    ZOOMING IN on still images NOT working...??

    George D.D. Level 1

      I think there has been a misunderstanding on my previous question about zooming in on a still image in CS5.


      I believe what everyone has been telling me is how to adjust an image using Motion/Scale/Position in the Effects panel to "crop" an image.  I already know how to do that, and there are several ways that work just fine.


      I guess I did not phrase my question properly.  What I meant was:


      Is there a way to do a "moving" zoom in, or pan, on a still image, "while" the image is on the screen?  In other words, like some still image programs do automatically for slideshows.  As you watch the slideshow, there is a slight zoom in or pan on each image as it goes from one to the next.  That is what I was hopeing to be able to do with the still images I insert occasionally in the timeline of CS5 so they will have a little movement to them and not just sit there statically.


      If you guys DID know what I really meant when I originally asked the question, then I guess I'll just have to throw in the towel on that one, because I just don't get it and can't make it work.  I guess there are just some things my poor little pea brain can't handle.  Oh well....





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Hard to explain with words, without screen images or video to illustrate. but I'll give it a try.


          You have a zoom on clip 1 and want to transition to clip 2, but while that transition is in progress you want the zoom on clip 1 to continue, and at the same time you want clip 2 to pan in. What you need to have is:


          a. sufficient handles.

          b. keyframes in the motion/scale/position up to the end of clip 1 and from the beginning of clip 2.


          Just experiment. It is not difficult. It is only difficult to explain it with words.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            That little stopwatch button in the Effects Control Panel is your starting point; that enables you to set keyframes for a particular effect property and animate it. This applies to things like Scale, Position, Opacity, and about 10,000 other possible effect properties. In a nutshell, keyframes are a means of saying "start here like this, and end here like this."


            Read through the section Animation and keyframes in the help file to get an overview of how to achieve this. This is pretty elementary stuff--I'm not saying that to scold you, but the information is there. If you don't "get it" at that point, certainly ask questions for clarification, but there is a bit of self-armament you need to do here.

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              George D.D. Level 1

              Thanks guys.


              You two are great.


              I'll do my best.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                There is no "Random Pan & Zoom" Preset in PrPro, as there is in some other programs (basically SlideShow production programs, and some consumer-level NLE's). The assumption is that one using PrPro would not want some "random" Preset, and I agree. Maybe it's because I am a still photographer, I view each image as unique, and would never want a Preset to try and determie what my "subject" is, or worse, just randomly animate an image.


                Harm has given the instructions - you basically animate both the Motion>Scale and the Motion>Position, over time, with Keyframes. It's a two-part operation. That offers one total control, and the editor can then choose the exact subject matter, and Zoom, and/or Pan to concentrate on that subject.


                Good luck,



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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Try this:

                  make sure the still is somewhat larger positioned in the frame.

                  See bounding box, this appears when you highlight the word Motion in the Effect Controls.

                  Set a keyframe at the beginning of the still for scale and position.

                  Go to the end of the still and set a keyframe for position and scale again.

                  Now scrub the values of position and scale to your liking, but very subtle.

                  Note the bounding box on the second screendump has enlarged slightly and in the middle you see the path (from left to right) it traveled from the first keyframe to the last.

                  I only lowered the opacity for you to see better.

                  For smooth motion you can use Ease Out (Gradually accelerates the value changes leaving a keyframe) and Ease In (Slows down the value changes entering a keyframe) when rightclicking on the keyframes.


                  pan and zoom.png


                  pan and zoom 1.png

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                    Peter Studt Level 1

                    Just to add to the clarity/confusion. You mentioned 'Cropping' an image, essentially that is not the case, the image you see has not been cropped at all, it is just too big to see it all in the viewer frame. It IS however possible to crop your image using the 'Crop' effect (Effects Panel>Video Effects>Transform>Crop  OR just search for Crop), this will allow you to make the image smaller than the Viewer frame, which is handy if you wanted to put one image ontop of another image, or perhaps divide the screen up into panels and have a different image in each panel. You would have say four tracks with an image in each track with the Crop effect on each image cropping them into each quadrant of the screen, for example.


                    Hope that doesn't add any confusion!