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    Cool way to make a grab & drag scrolling image...


      Just thought I'd share this.

      I was trying to figure out a way to make an image that's wider than the page scrollable with grab and drag functionality to it, rather than using a scrollbar.

      It's pretty simple actually. I just created a box the size of the page and then imported my jpeg (The jpeg is about 5x as wide as the page, but at 72 dpi the file size is very manageble). Then it was just a matter of selecting the box I created and the jpeg together and creating a Horizontal Slider out of it. It works great! Just assign the box as the track component and your image as the thumb.

      You just need to make sure that the Snap Interval and Step Size in the properties panel are both set to "0" for it to scroll smoothly.

      I was hoping there's be a way to add momentum to the scroll, simalar to kinetic scrolling on an iphone or something, but I haven't figured that out...yet.

      If anyone knows how, that would be killer.


      Either way, it's kind of a cool way to set up a gallery or a visual  timeline.


      This may be old news to some of you, but I thought I'd share anyways.