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    releaseOutside help

    Hughesebio Level 1

      Hows it going guys,


      I need a bit of help with a script for a mobile phone application im building in AS2. The app has a dragable map feature that allows users to view hotspots in different locations (including off screen areas).


      I've managed to make the map dragable, my problem however is that when I drag through the map I am able to go over the edges of the map (to the unwanted white area). I've tried adding "releaseOutside" to my script (below) to make the drag lock on the edges, but that hasnt seemed to resolve the problem


      my script is as follows:


      on(press) { this.startDrag();


      on(release) { this.stopDrag();


      on(releaseOutside) { this.stopDrag();


      Any pointers would be hugely appriciated