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    list scrollbar styling(track, down-arrow, up-arrow,thumb)

    rck_Cena77 Level 1

      mx|List s|List
                  track-skin: ClassReference("skins.Track");
                  down-arrow-skin: ClassReference("skins.DownArrow");
                  up-arrow-skin: ClassReference("skins.UpArrow");
                  thumb-skin: ClassReference("skins.Thumb");

                           var canvas:Canvas = new Canvas;

                          var vbox:VBox     = new VBox;
                          var list:List     = new List;


                           list.horizontalScrollPolicy = "off";
                  //        list.scroller.verticalScrollBar.setStyle("


      I want to add the track, down-arrow, up-arrow ,thumb skins to the list how to add it


      thanks for reading.