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    Help- still not understanding multi-format editing!

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      I've searched the forums and found a couple of discussions on multiple format editing, but I'm apparently quite dense and just not getting it...


      My family had 4 different videocameras at my niece's graduation, which I'm attempting to edit in PPro-CS5.  Each shot different format, albeit all HD, videos...


      One was .mts - 1440x1080 (1.3333) @ 29.97fps, another was .mov - 1280x720 (1.0) @ 59.94fps, and two were .mp4, but one of those is 720x480 (0.9091) @ 29.97fps and the other is 1280x720 (1.0) @ 59.94fps!


      Here's my problem (well, at least the one I'm asking about)- I'd like to be able to create a regular DVD -and- a Blu-ray disk from these clips.  Is it possible to use HD sequences to make a DVD from that in Encore and, seperately, have Encore build a Blu-ray disk?  If it is, do I edit them all in an HD sequence (which one?!?!)?


      Thanks in advance for any and all help!


      - Jim 8^)


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