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    Dynamically add some elements in WebService operation request




      I have a WebService element defined in my mxml which use to make soap calls. 

      I need to dynamically add some repeating groups for action (dependent on action) in the following example. 

      How can I add this in Action Script section? Can I access the WebService  by id userRequest and specify " 

      userRequest.operations.DoAction.request.DoItemActionRequest.action.requiresAdditionItems.n ameValuePair.name = "SomeName"; 

      userRequest.operations.DoAction.request.DoItemActionRequest.action.requiresAdditionItems.n ameValuePair.name = "SomeValue";  


      <mx:WebService  id="userRequest" wsdl="{Application.application.wsdl}" > 

           <mx:operation name="DoAction" resultFormat="object" 

















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          miguel8312 Level 3

          ok well what you can do is something like this.

          <mx:WebService id="ws" wsdl="http://localhost:3960/WebSite6/Service.asmx?WSDL" fault="fault(event)"> 

          then in actionscript you can reference like this.


          then you will also need a result handler for the xml coming back from the webservice.

          in my case.


          public function Process_Upload(event:ResultEvent):void{

          then optionally you can have a function to handle errors like such.

          // need to make these alert boxes better looking.
                  private function fault(event:FaultEvent):void {
                         // Oppps some error occured
                         Alert.show(event.toString(), "upload webservice failed.");
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            Saha_Amitava Level 1

            Hi miguel8312,


            Thanks for your suggestion. I understand the steps you explained for defining, calling and processing the result from a webservice from a MXML body.


            My query is specifically, can I modify the webservice request defination from AS function before making the call?

            In my example, if I need to dynamically add a name value pair for <action> tag (e.g. actionParam ), how do I do that?