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    Malcolm Edgar Level 1
      Is there the design intention that the JavaAdapter could be extended


      If so where do you get the source code from. I can't see any reference to it in the fds2javadoc.

      regards Malcolm Edgar
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          CathyM Level 1
          Instead of extending the JavaAdapter, you'll want to implement the FlexFactory interface. Or, possible create hook in at the assembler level.

          For information on implementing the FlexFactory interface, please refer to the FDS 2 JavaDoc as well as the 'Using the factory mechanism' section of the Flex 2 Developer Guide.

          You may also find the following forum thread, which outlines how to create a FlexFactory to integrate with the Spring framework useful.


          For an example of creating your on Assembler, check out the HibernateAssembler source code in the <fds2_install_root>/resources/ directory. Please refer to the FDS 2 JavaDoc as well.