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    Flash CS5 has a serious speed and crash issue.

    Envirographics Level 1


      Works PC.

      Dell dual core 3.5Gb ram PC. 1 yr old

      Launch time CS5 1 minute.

      Opening a file is 1min 10sec, saving a file ditto, copying from lib takes 50 secs, pasting to another library 1min, replace existing item, go yes and it crashes.

      Install CS5 trial on home very powerful purpose built CAD and video workstation, expect it to fly, but get same times, at least it doesnt crash first attempt but still terribly slow at everything.


      Second time I try this routine it also crashes upon replace existing item.


      Try saving files as CS4, they open into CS4 in seconds, wow what a difference !!!!, CS5 obviously at fault as a program, but text on buttons is a mess. so thats no good. Thats text created in CS5 not displaying when saved as CS4. Is this program in fact any good ?


      File size of source file is 26Mb, of destination is 21Mb. Source has about 14 movie clips, select these and make a movieclip of them, copy/paste it to library of destination and it crashes.


      Works PC reinstall Flash twice trying to resolve this, assuming its the prog, still its got these speeds and it crashes when accepting movieClip into Library. Remove the busy layer and try again and it accepts it, still damn slow. The home PC survived the busy layer paste first time round, suggesting the Office PC is at fault. But now its also crashing.


      Has Flash CS5 a complexity limit ? These are map layers with many vector shapes on one of the layers, quite a few on three others. That layer seems to be the straw that breaks the camels back. Is 26Mb beyond the limit. I even upped the preferences for memory to 3000kb but no better.


      I see on the forums complaints of CS5 speed on saving, users reverting to CS4.  I wanted CS4 but was forced to have CS5 as it had just come out. New progs are not the best move but Adobe bully you.


      The speed and crashes are prohibitive for business work, 3 days trying to do a mornings work.


      I thought it was the PC but others are finding CS5 slow and crashing. What have we here as a prog...useless !  Adobe. you need to fix this. I would go back to CS4, I have it on home PC, but CS5 into 4 has text issues, unless the Office PC used a font not on the home one.



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          artoix Level 1

          I still cant realize how this buggy piece of **** could make to the market! After I switched to Flash CS5 it became true headache working on Flash projects:

          - in constantly crashes on saving, working with library, exiting;

          - trying to create file with FLVPlayback throws dozens of errors with references to the classes that even do not exist in configuration folder nor in preinstalled SWC files that I HAD to reference manually;

          - publishing in CS4 files that are published properly in CS5 throws tons of errors even though both reference existing classes and are for the same FP10 version.

          - saving FLA for CS4 creates huge source file and compiling this file in CS4 creates SWF with 10x size (~280kb in CS5 and ~2800kb in CS4).


          Even though Flash CS5 has some nice improvements in interface and ActionScrip editor which I do like, in general it is a complete DISASTER and huge TIME WASTER!