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    fl.addEventListener click event for Flash IDE via JSFL


      I have a windowSWF I've built that does a good job of setting properties on a text field that a user has selected. The problem is, if a user clicks on a text field they've already set up, I'd like my windowSWF to display the settings that are currently on that text field. Is there any way to accomplish this? The only option I see in fl.addEventListener that might accomplish this goal is mousemove ...  since I'm wanting to check for the mouseclick event on a text field and don't have that available, it seems like I need to periodically check to see if the current selection is a text field and if so, display the properties in my windowSWF. Is a timer my only option here or can I write some sort of custom mouseclick event listener to see if a user has clicked on something? The docs are natoriously sub-standard for jsfl in Flash so I'm hoping there's something hidden or less obvious that I can use here.