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    Suggestion to complete my new worstation

    inaksi prod Level 1

      I am waiting for the CPU because the i7 960 and 970 are droping right now.


      CASE: Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case



      MOBO: ASUS P6T WS Professional Intel X58 LGA1366 MB



      COOLING : Corsair Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler



      RAM Patriot Sector 7 24GB DDR3 (3x4GB) PC12800 1600MHz



      VIDEO: GTX 285 (thinking of upgrading to GTX 4xx)



      Monitors: Two NEC 22WMGX (not the best but works for me for now)



      HARD DRIVES: 3x 1T Caviar black, 1x360G Velociraptor, 1x 1T green caviar (will use to store only of course), 2x 500 Caviar blue, and a lot of external drives for storage. Something weird happened to my velociraptor. I made an image of my OS disk before I changed it to the raptor. Booted from a boot disk and installed the image to the raptor. I realised that It left 40 g unallocated! In HD management, I ‘activated’ it into a partition. I know its not good to partition the OS disk. Should I re-start the image copy on my raptor? Any idea why it would have partitioned it without me wanting it?



      OS Windows 7 64 bit


      Adobe production suite CS5 (Lots of After effect usage, colorfiness 3, Titles, Rotobrush etc…)



      Question 1: Should I get a RAID controller? IF so, best for the $.


      Question 2: What would be best HD config (here is what I was thinking)


      OS and page sys = Raptor


           Media and media cache = raid5 with the 3x black caviar 1T (I will also keep there the Premiere projects and After Effect projects -Should I put my AE stuff elsewhere?)


           Scratch disk = Raid 1 with the 2x 500 blue caviar


           Should I send Media Cache on the raid 0 blue caviar as well?


           I think my mobo allows for only 6 Hard drives so my Green drive will store stuff and be disconnected     

      Thanks a lot for any suggestions