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    Adobe Reader X a step back-wards??



      just wanted to let someone out there know, that since I upgraded to reader x from v.9 (by checking for updates) the program will no longer open .pdf's it just locks up, I know to fix this might be to un-install the program and reinstall, but in all my years of using acrobat reader, I have never had to do this and don't particularly want to now.


      Also, I note that the new X version is not as user friendly or as functional with the tools and that the selection of the tools is long winded and a time waster, plz see the light and bring back v.9s tool choice and ease of use, the way to pick tools with the check box system was much better, easier and user friendly, plz bring this feature back, I am considering dropping Adobe reader altogether and opting to use NitroPDF, this is functional as acrobat reader used to be...


      I hope your programmers with take a step back and conceder; if it ain't broke, don't fix it...