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    Problem burning to DVD+R DL in PrE 9


      System- Asus N73J-JQ notebook, I7-740QM, 1.7Ghz, 6GB RAM, Nvida GT425M-1GB, 2-500GB 7200 rpm HHDs(operating system and media cach are on C:, all other scratch disk are on G:), both are partitioned.  System was bought 1-11.  Video is from 3 Canon HF-S10 cameras(AVCHD format).  Files are imported direct from HHD.  Media is Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL and Memorex 16x DVD-R


      Problem- to fit my project to disk (DL) requires 6.58 GB of space.  I  "encoded media" over night, found disk ejected next day with "access denied" under progress bar.  Saved project to 8.5GB folder. Used Nero to burn to disk. (VTS_01_1 thru VTS_01_6) The files were 1,048,544 KB each except for last file, it was smaller.  When I played it, it would have pauses for a second or two, I assume where the files were joined.  I tried loading the six files from the folder as a new project in PrE 9.  It only took about 30 min to encode the media.  At 95% complete encoding media, it ejects the disk.  If I reload the disk, it gives me an "access denied" error under the progress bar.  I tried a single layer DVD, it burned complete.

      I have called Adobe 4 times with same case number.  I have reloaded the dvd driver, updated my GPU driver, I have created and logged on as an admin., I have taken different video and created a new project (1.54 GB).  I have the same results, the single layer will burn, the dual layer will eject at 95% complete encoding media.


      The system BIOS is dated 10-27-10, there is an update available from 11-23-10.  I have not found the spec for the DVD burner to know what is the max speed.  And I have not tried another brand of DVD DL, will check on different brand tomorrow.

      I have scanned through 10 pages of history looking for a thread that might be simular with no luck.  The help /trouble shooting/ support is rather lacking.


      Thanks for any sugestions,



      PS- I did have trouble editing the video using  3 tracts of AVCHD at once.  It would hose up, drag and the display monitior was jumpy.  I may need to rearrange my HDD setup.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It could be a number of things, Terry.


          The best thing to do would be to work through our DVD burn troubleshooting steps.



          If you'll post your results for each step in as much detail as possible, we'll be much more likely to diagnose your problem and recommend solutions.


          BTW, you do know that you don't burn the individual VOB files to a disc to create a DVD, right? You burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a disc. And, with Nero, make sure you've set the option to burn a playable rather than a data disc or it won't work in a DVD player.


          Also, as in my books, I recommend NEVER using Memorex discs. Their quality is bad more often than it's good.


          For best results, stick with Verbatim, Tayo Yuden or Maxell.

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            mt8963 Level 1

            #1- never could get File/ Export to high light to do anything with it


            #2- I have saved project to 8.5gb folder 2 different times, have used Nero to create a DVD DL and used Windows to create a DVD DL, both will play in player.


            #3- I bought the computer and extra HHD in January, loaded PrE 9 and other than surf web and write 2 papers, that is all it has been used for.  HDD D: has 322gb free of 327gb and HHD G: has 133gb free of 327gb.  There should not be anything to defrag.


            While talking to India, before posting, I removed Nero to see if there was a conflict, made no difference.


            Updated BIOS, no difference, tried different brand of DL DVD, no difference.  Will burn to a single layer at a lower bit rate.


            Any more sugestions?

            Thanks for the help.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry about that. I've updated the FAQ. The File/Export/Movie function was disabled a few generations back. You now output a DV-AVI by going to Share/Computer/AVI and selecting the DV preset.


              Not that it's necessary. There is nothing wrong with your program. Everything seems to be functioning as it should.


              With the exception of your being able to burn directly to disc -- a function that Nero seems to permanently disabled.


              (It's possible that, since you've removed Nero, uninstalling/reinstalling the program may fix it.)


              I usually recommend not fighting with Nero -- and I never recommend removing it completely. It's just not worth it, just to get Premiere Elements to burn directly to a disc. It's much easier to set Premiere Elements to burn to a folder and then use Nero to burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a PLAYABLE disc.


              Which you've apparently done successfully!


              So, aside from the fact that you definitely need to clean and defrag your hard drive and that it might be a good idea to go to your DVD burner's web site and check for the latest drivers, I have no other recommendations for you.