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    TextInput and TextArea components not acting editable

    Angela Ferrell
      Just trying to do a simple contact form. I have 2 TextInputs and 1 TextArea component. First, they are showing as blank boxes with a black outline on stage in edit mode. Second, when I test the movie they show correctly but won't let me type in them. I know I have the params set correctly. I was in CS3 using Player 8 and AS2. I resaved it from CS as a Flash 8; opened it in Flash 8 and tried again, and the components are doing the same thing. I make a new movie in Flash 8, and the components behave correctly. So, I made a new blank fla in Flash 8, copy and pasted my frames in it, and the components DO NOT work correctly. This is such a simple thing - why wouldn't the components behave correctly? Is it a CS3 going down to Flash 8 thing? I don't even know how to begin to figure this out - and I can't start from scratch! Anyone have the same issue?