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    Why does ProxyMetadata overwrite existing metadata?


      Just wasted about an hour tracking down what seemed to be a very strange bug - but I think it may be a "feature". I've created a PlaylistElement which extends ProxyElement. It plays one MediaElement after another (similar to SerialElement but it does not treat the entire playlist as one item).


      When I switch to the next MediaElement, ProxyMetadata overwrites all the metadata values in the next element with the values from the previous element. Therefore, any custom data I have (e.g. ID, URL, etc) is wiped and set to the first item's values. Is this really the expected behavior?


      The code in question, from ProxyMetadata:


      // Transfer all old values to new.

      for each (var url:String in proxiedMetadata.keys)


      value.addValue(url, proxiedMetadata.getValue(url));





      No chance of extending and fixing since ProxyMetadata.proxiedMetadata is private - why? I guess I'll copy the whole class and make it my own.