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    How to add drop down menus in Flash


      Hi all,


      I'm kinda new to Flash so you can consider me a newb of sorts, I'm more of a photoshop guy. Anyways a friend of mine wants me to change up his flash website template a bit. He has a horizontal navigation bar at the top with links but he wants me to change them into drop down menus so he can have additional links, I have the original fla files and everything too. If anyone knows an easy way of doing this than any help or advice or links would be greatly appeciated. Thanks



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          that's probably not going to be easy for an experienced flash developer.  your best bet is to become less of a novice and hope the template is decent.  but in my experience, it's unlikely the template is anything other than a mess with code on many different timelines.


          but a good place to start becoming less of a novice would be to google:  flash <your actionscript version> dropdown menu tutorial


          if you see a tutorial that adds code to more than 1 timeline or more than 1 frame, look for another tutorial.

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