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    Only sound and no movie in Edit mode




      I have problems starting editing my movies in Premiere Elements 9. When I´m in edit mode there is no movie in the big "space" where the edited movie should be, only sound. Any ideas what the problem may be?? In the organize mode I can see all the movies without problem so my guess is that there is no format problem, rather a problem with the settings.


      Any ideas at all are welcome!!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What type of camcorder did your video come from and how did you get it into your computer?


          Which project setting did you select when you created your Premiere Elements project?


          It also might help to know how fast your processor is, which operating system you're using and how much free space is on your C drive. You should also go to Windows Update and manually check to see you have even the non-critical updates, and get the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.com.

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            Rookie2011 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick reply Steve.


            The camera we´re using is a Sony HDR-CX305 and I used Adobbe Premiere Elements 9 to import the movies via Organizer (using a swedish version so trying to translate the headlines): File/ Import Photo and Videos/ from Camera or Card-reader.


            Project settings when I´m starting a new project is:

            AVCHD/ HD 1080i 25



            Intel® Core™ i5-560M (2.66 GHz,3M)
            Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
            1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® 435M GT-grafik
            4 096 MB 1 333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM
            500 GB seriell ATA-harddrive
            It´s strange that I can see the movies in Organize mode but not in Edit mode.
            Also, if I click on the main window in edit mode (when the movie is playing) I can see still pictures from the move, otherwise it´s just a white window and sound is playing.
            I´m very thankful for all your help man, please let me know if you need more info for solving this problem.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              First, with that camcorder you should shoot the videos you plan to edit in Premiere Elements in FX or FH mode only.


              Then, when you start your Premiere Elements project, you must set it up with the settings for PAL AVCHD Stereo.


              You don't say how you're getting your video to your computer, but you should be doing it this way: Plug your camcorder into your computer via USB, then use Premiere Elements Get Media/From Flip, AVCHD, Cameras and Phones to download the video from the cam and into your project.


              It will then be added to your Project panel.


              BTW, per the program's instructions, you MUST have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple installed on your computer in order for this to work.


              My free Basic Training tutorials at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com may be of some help. My books will give you much more in-depth information.