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    number layers option, move layer to position

    - JM - Level 3

      not naming of layers... but a fixed numbering of layer position (along with the custom names) the same way code/text editors number lines.


      rationale:  when moving through tons of layers it can get difficult to target and move layers by their names, for example it would easier to find position/layer # 57 than it is to find a layer named "color layer green". But it's important to have the custom name as well to help identify it. So layer numbering would help with the position, and the naming would help with identifying what it is.


      Yes you can ctrl-click to locate layers but moving/dragging them within a long list of layers can get messy. So, after numbering the layer positions is added to the layers pane there could be an additional option within the drop-down or layers menu to move selected layer to position #57