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    cold fusion without writing code


         I'm new to cold fusion, and would like to know if cold fusion builder generates cold fusion code (and JSP code) without me having to type in cold fusion code (similar to the way dreamwaever creates code when I create a website visually).  If not, is there any IDE that generates server pages code in any language(asp, php, etc) by visual means like dreamweaver generates HTML?

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          12Robots Level 4

          While ColdFusion (note the spelling, one word) Builder will do some code generation, it is the kind of Code Generation that makes the lives of real programmers easier. It is not the kind that will allow non-programmers to write web application without learning anything.


          I doubt you are going to find any programming tool that is going to write web applications for you in any language. The closest you might get would be tools that will scaffold a big part of your site for you, but you should still at least understand what it is doing. And it would only be doing generic scaffolding for you, it is nto a generic Visual Language or anything that would allow you to make big customizations. You would need to write code for that.


          The best way to build a web application without writing any code is to hire someone to write the code for you. If you are going to do that, ColdFusion is an awesome choice, because the developer you hire will get the job done quickly.


          If you decide you do want to become a programmer and learn how to write a web application, then ColdFusion is also a great choice, because it is powerful and yet easy to learn.


          Good luck.

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            ilssac Level 5

            As 12 robots says, there is nothing I know of that will build entire, complex sites for you.


            But that Dreamweaver you have, does have nearly as many CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) wizards as it has HTML wizards.  So I would explore around inside the tool.  It should give you a pretty decent start.

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              Brian Meloche Level 1

              I can't speak to how good it is, but CodeCharge Studio does it:




              I know it's been out there for a number of years, and can write multiple





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