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    Complex image selecting and highlighting


      I'm making a little sort of game that requires some complex image highlighting and I'm not sure how to proceed or even what to look up.  I'm hoping I can get some pointers here.


      I need to highlight an image when the user clicks it by doing the following:  I need to put a border around the transparent edges of the image (not around the square that makes up the entire image).  I also might make the image lighter or put a transparent color overlay over the image to show it's selected.  I am aware I could create a mask image and overlay it, but there are a lot of images and I'd prefer to do it with code if possible, especially since when images overlap, it has slightly different behavior, as described in the next paragraph. 


      When images overlap, depending on the circumstances it will either still select the image itself or select both images together.  So if it selects the image itself, anywhere that another image overlaps it, the border will still be shown but it will be partially transparent to show it is behind the image on top.  If both images are selected, than the border will go around the transparent edges of both images and not go behind the top image at all.


      I hope this makes sense and if not, I can post an example image.  Is something like this even possible without using mask images?  If not, can I produce the mask images by code instead of manually?  If I have to use mask images, do you have any examples?  Any suggestions, example code, or at least some pointers of what to look into would be greatly appreciated!