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    GTX 470 lack of GPU acceleration

    poofyboy Level 1

      Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB RAM, MSI-branded GTX470, NOT gaming, using with Adobe CS5 applications. CS5 applications are updated to loatest patches.


      I've read a few other posts but I still have some questions:


      1) If the hardware monitor provided with my GTX 470 is correct, and during effects rendering in Premiere and in transcoding in Encore with AME, GPU % used is about 1%, is that expected?


      2) I posted a question on the NVIDIA forum regarding my inability to add Premiere Pro CS5 and Encore CS5 to the list of GPU-accelerated applications using the NVIDIA Control Panel. The *CS4* applications are listed but Control Panel does not allow me to add CS5. I uninstalled CS4 some time ago, before I added the GTX 470.


      3) Today when I attempted to load a Premeiere Pro project, I get a message saying that Mercury GPU acceleration "is not available on this system" and "software only" mode will be used. What changed? Any way to recover?


      So basically two sets of questions:


      a) Shouldn't transcoding use GPU acceleration? Shouldn't rendering in Premiere Pro use it? What else should I expect to NOT use GPU acceleration, aside from video effects, which are pretty clearly marked.


      b) Is there a trick to configuring either CS5 or GTX470 to allow GPU acceleration to be used?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. CUDA effects or non-CUDA effects? On what CPU? A slow CPU will not benefit as much as a fast CPU.


          2. That is a nVidia driver limitation and does not impact on CUDA support. It will find Adobe Premiere Pro.exe


          3. Update to 5.03


          a. No, yes, encoding and some instances where hardware rendering is bypassed in favor of software rendering. Depends on the material and other circumstances.


          b. 5.03 will enable it automatically. Check your project settigns.

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            poofyboy Level 1

            Thank you for your quick response. I have Premiere Pro 5.0.3


            AMD Phemon II, quad core, forget the clock, little more than a year old. I should have said that originally.


            I am ignorant of what means CUDA effects. Please explain.


            I resolved the "Mercury GPU not installed on this system" issue by setting everything in NVIDIA Control Panel back to defaults.


            Would you mind commenting particularly on transcoding? Before I installed the GTX470, it took about 9 hours to transcode this project. After, about 6. However, the GPU % used is very low during transcoding, maybe 3%. Is this indicative of an issue or is it expected?



            Thanks again.

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              poofyboy Level 1

              I read in the help about CUDA effects. I ran through a clip that uses Basic 3D and GPU % used was 5% maximum, which is better than 1 or 2%. I will continue to play with it and come back with additional questions.


              Transcoding is still a potential issue.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Some effects are hardware accelerated, these are CUDA effects, because they use the CUDA engine on the video card. Others are not.


                The GPU usage during transcoding is dependant on the source material and the export format. For instance if you start with HD (1920 x 1080) material and transcode to 720x576 SD PAL, the scaling is done by the video card (CUDA enabled). If there is no scaling during the transcode, then there is no assistance from the video card.


                The faster the CPU and the memory, the more work can be done by the GPU, but if the CPU is slow, the video card is constantly waiting for the CPU. A Phenom II X4 is pretty slow, so the GPU is waiting for the CPU and will show low usage.


                Look at the Background Information page at the PPBM5 Benchmark

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