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    Relinked media reads audio incorrectly


      I'm editing on CS5 and I've been modifying the audio channels in a project to be read as mono (right click modify => audio channels => mono). So when I bring the file into the timeline there are two audio tracks as opposed to one.


      Later on in the editing process, I had some storage issues and had to unlink and relink the media. After relinking, however, the files have reverted back to stereo (the file default) and both audio channels are now combined into one track. Since the media is edited in the sequence, I can't modify the file to split the stereo to mono tracks anymore.


      I tried to duplicate the file and have the copy be read as mono and use 'replace with clip' to solve the issue, but that didn't work. Does anyone have suggestions?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Yeah, this is one of the quirky things about remapping audio--relinking seems to flip out.


          Depending on the complexity of your edit, there is a fairly manual solution. Reimport all of your project's footage creating new, unused master clips. Change the audio channel mapping so that these new clips are dual mono instead of stereo (how your originals were).


          One by one (this is the crummy part), drag each new clip to the matching clip instance in your sequence, hold down Alt and Shift (this enables the Replace Clip, Match Frame command), and then release the mouse button. This should replace the original broken clip instances with the remapped versions.


          This is probably something worthy of a bug report, and I'd recommend writing one up here: Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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