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    Adobe Reader X leaks GDI handles in quick search box

    Martijn Smitshoek

      Just installed Adobe Reader X a couple of days ago (Windows 7, x64). I used it for numerous online documents (in Firefox), while searching for some specific terms in each document. After a while the reader presented a strange picture, not properly painting itself anymore. Then, the reader became unresponsive, and Firefox too, and I had to kill the task.

      This happened a few times on different pdf documents.

      In my programming career things like these have happened more often so, when the behavior happened again, I went checking the process using Windows Task Manager, adding a few extra columns (Handles, User Objects, GDI Objects) and found that the number of GDI objects was nearly 10000, the absolute limit that Windows imposes on any single process.


      I went on checking the reader, now standalone and without Firefox, to see if the problem would persist. Opened a few pdfs and scrolled back and forth. No problems -

      tried the same in Firefox to see if the plugin was OK - still no problem.


      Then started using the quick search box (Ctrl-F) and repeatedly looked for something trivial (e.g. just a single letter A) - Bingo! Now the GDI handle count starts rising seriously, and does not come back to the original level.


      This is definitely a leak, and it needs to be fixed.