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    How to get rid of jagged borders on text logo

    Lorva Level 1

      I have a text logo with a thin border around the letters which is placed over an photo with varied colors. It looks fine in all browsers except Firefox on both the Mac and PC where all letters have jagged edges.


      There are 3 words, all are in an arial font in bold.logo11.png


      word #1 is green gradient letters with gray border

      word #2 is in plain red non-gradient italic letters with white border

      word #3 is green gradient letters with gray border.


      All letters have the jagged edges, even the more straight letters with word #2 in italics being the worse.


      Anti-aliasing is on.

      I'm saving the image as png8 with 256 colors with alpha transparency.

      Dither, on or off, has no effect

      There is no matte color because the letters go over a photo with varied color background (the background isn't the problem however as I've tried it over a plain background with the same jagged effect).

      I set this up at 300 dpi (image is 1800 x 300)


      I've tried all kinds of variations of the above and nothing helps.


      Can someone tell what might be wrong?