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    Help with Youtube Upload Limit


      My youtube account has been approved to upload videos longer than 15:00 but when I try to render a video in Premiere Elements 8 that is longer than 15:00 or even just a little shy of 15:00 a warning pops up and tells me that Youtube is limited to 15:00. I tried running the update to see if there was a fix for this, and there doesn't seem to be. Any advice? Adobe are you listening? Seems silly for Abode to restrict this via software when Youtube will allow me to go beyond 15:00.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The best solution is to create the file separately and upload it manually. It creates a better quality video too!


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            drmz2004 Level 1

            Thanks Steve, yes I considered that and looked at the options.


            I previously uploaded a 9:00 video using the upload to Youtube option using the 1440x1080 option. And that worked, the video looked fine, but the audio was just ok I thought at the preset AAC 128kbs.


            I'm looking at the h.264 1440x1080 option to hard drive for this 15:04 video and it's going to create a 4gig file but would have better audio I think with the preset Dolby Digital 192 kbs audio file. That will take forever to render and upload and I'd rather avoid that and take a loss on the audio for the quicker render and upload time.


            The 9:00 video 1440x1080 upload to youtube gave me an estimated file size of just over 92megs.


            Does the youtube upload option reduce the quality of video that much?? Is there a difference between the h.264 1440x1080 save to pc option and the youtube upload of 1440x1080 in terms of video codec??


            But - in any case - since my youtube account is approved for over 15:00 videos, it seems silly for Adobe to limit that option to under 15:00.


            I even tried cutting the video down to 14:55 and same warning came up preventing me from doing it.

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              drmz2004 Level 1

              Ok, I tried these settings:


              b Video Tab
              *Video Codec: H.264
              *Quality: 100
              *Frame Wdith: 1280
              *Frame Height: 720
              *Frame Rate: 29.97
              *Field Order: None
              *Pixel Aspect Ratio: square
              *Set Bitrate: checked
              *Bitrate: 8000 kbps

              b Audio Tab
              *Audio Code: AAC
              *Output Channels: Stereo
              *Frequency: 44kHz


              unfortunately, there is no 44kHz audio option, only 32kHz and 48kHz. With either one, the audio skips and sounds a bit compressed in the resulting file.


              In fact, in playing around with all sorts of QT settings, the audio skips on all of my choices, some worse then other, but in a  :50 test file they all skipped at one point at least, most in many points.


              I have a Windows 7 machine, 4 megs of Ram, 2.2 Ghz processor.


              So, for now, I'm rendereing out an mpeg2 hd file at 1280x720 and 320 kbps mp3. Almost 2 gigs for the resulting file, but I don't see how else to do this. It would be great if Adobe would not limit me to the hypothetical 15 minute restriction on youtube, but it does. If you're listening Adobe, maybe an update to fix this?

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                drmz2004 Level 1

                4 gigs of ram, rather... lol...