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    cs5 premiere pro performance

    pier.bover Level 1

      I have a mac pro with the following specs:

      - core i7

      - 12Gb of RAM DDR3

      - Nvidia gtx 285

      - A few 1TB 7200 rpm drives with a lot of free space

      - Mac OS 10.6.6

      - PPCS5 5.0.3


      And still PPCS5 is damn slow. I'm editing a 1080i video getting low quality previews on my second monitor.


      I have activated the mercury engine grpu acceleration (that didn't help much).


      With any other software this machine rocks, but with premiere everything is slow and tedious... I have checked the acvitivity monitor and the CPU spikes barely reach 70% of use and usually it's below 50%.


      Is there anything obvious I have to do to get a good performance?

      Do you think this kind of performance is normal for this hardware specs?