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    CS5 save as CS4 makes Large File and sees virtual memory issue

    Envirographics Level 1

      Two CS5 flash files. FileSource 27Mb  File Destination 21.8Mb


      They open in 80 seconds for each.


      FileSource has 15 MovieClips, 5 show areas of the map in a variety of colours, shape intensive one could say ! These are made into one movie clip and copy pasted to the FileDestination. In CS5 it then crashes.


      I turned these instead into CS4 files, they open in 10 seconds ! WOW !!!  I needed to adjust the text which had become two lines from one though.


      I try again for the CopyPaste of the movie Clip from library to library, this time I get a message Flash is out of  memory. To increase virtual memory, quit Flash and allocate more virtual memory in the Systems Properties dialog box.


      In there I see


      Initial   2046Mb

      Max size 4092Mb


      Recommended 4605Mb


      I alter this to:

      Initial  3800Mb

      Max    4600Mb


      Reboot PC (Win XP SP2 wih 4Gb ram, purpose built video editing suite) and try again, but again get the memory message. Such a powerful PC should handle Flash. PC at work also crashing with CS5.


      I thought I was winning with the quick handling of the files in CS4 but File size is now alarmingly FileSource  76.1Mb  and FileDestination 58.4Mb   WHY ? and why does it open them so quick but fall over on the copy paste ?

      CS4 opens these in 8 not 80 secs, but that save as CS4 has bloated their file size, quick to open but causing virtual memory failure. 

      I am defeated

      Does CS5 have some way of keeping size down ? I can’t use CS5 as it crashes when pasting the MovieClip from the source file to destination.


      Can I get Flash to simplify the layers perhaps ? There are many shapes of the same colour which perhaps could be fused into one, lessening the number of vector edges. How is that done ? I am making an swf file for a clients powerpoint slide show.