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    Geoff Vane Level 1

      Adobe support is now looking into my case very seriously.


      They agree I bought quite powerful systems which should really perform well.

      I've been able to show Adobe a live instant crash of PP.


      One problem has been solved.

      Our IT Department inadvertently installed a general user profile which was a roaming profile and larded with policies as well.

      I certainly know that is a real no-no but I never thought that mistake had been made.

      It appeared the Adobe applications had to move data up and down the network for the smallest actions and acces to the system drive was very limited.

      Correcting this major flaw helped somewhat.

      I now can grab a slider and move it at once.

      AE shuts down correctly without crashing.


      But some major problems are still there.


      I also will get help from Matrox in the form of beta drivers, to see if we can get the system working correctly.