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    Calling function in another button?

      I have 2 Movie Clips which create a menu system. When you hover the mouse over the 2nd button (will be adding more as soon as I figure this road block out) it drops down a menu.


      In the movie clip of "Forums", I created 2 labels. 1 is for "collapsed" and 1 is for "expanded". Expanded shows the dropped down menu.

      I created a hidden button in the "Expanded" display (sits under the buttons of the menu) so if you mouse over it, it will collapse the menu.

      However, because the 2 top movie clips are right next to each other the hidden button never gets triggered because the [Home] movie clip sits on top.

      I figured the easiest way would be to simply call the "collapsed" label in the movie clip for "Forums", although I don't know if this is possible or how to achieve it.

      The following is what I attempted to use in the ActionScript section of the movie clip for [Home]:

      function collapsemenu(myevent:MouseEvent):void {
      btnHome.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, collapsemenu);

      When I do this, it gives me the following error:
      1120:Access of undefined property mcForums

      Any help or feedback appreciated!