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    Embed Form

    alee Level 1

      Is it possible to embed the actual form itself instead of just the Form File with the responses? This would seem to be a much more useful use of the embed function, or even give us the option for both/either to embed. I think the service has great potential but still needs some work to be a fully useful service. Another few early notes, improve the speed of loading and I would also throw my vote in for some type of notification system with the option for immediate alerts to whoever is listed as having access to the form with the ability to select by individual or group.


      As to my original inquiry though, what I would deally like to do is embed my form https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=KPRHAGNA8QQu15t6kvhAvA here: http://web.me.com/aleeweb/Site/RSVP.html, but the embed code only embeds the Form File view. Am I doing something wrong is this not supported?


      Many thanks and keep up the great work!

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          VarunParmar Level 1

          Ability to embed the HTML form is very high on our list of priorities.   Also, notifications is on our roadmap.   May I ask, what aspect of the service are you referring to in terms of speeding up the load time.  Is it the forms organizer, authoring app, responses table, or HTML form? 




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            alee Level 1

            The speed issue was mainly referring to the load time for the responses

            table when it is embedded. The speed of the form itself seems to be fine.

            To solve the embedding issue for the time being I simply added the form as

            an iFrame on the page I needed it, but I suspect this process will be

            beyond the target audience of this service. I would think that the form

            embedding would be critical. Also it would be nice to have the option to

            select the background color of the page the form is on as well.


            Thanks for your response

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              VarunParmar Level 1

              Yes, embedding is important and we're working on it    Also, like you mention we will allow customization of background color, among other things. 


              Thank you again for all the feedback!



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                RandySwineford Adobe Employee



                We just added the ability to embed a form within a web page. You can find it on the "Distribute" tab when you open your form file. Click the Embed button.


                If you have any feedback on it please don't hesitate to share it with us.




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                  alee Level 1

                  Nice, thanks.




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