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    CS4|5 Exporter - how to make slider with no checkbox?

    Rallymax Level 2

      Hi all,


      I can't work out how to make a slider with no checkbox next to it.


      Also it is possible to make two fields next to each other?


                     M: 15     N: 3


      Zac, it would be nice if you mentioned in the Docs that multi choice widgets are a Radio Button pair for < 3 otherwise it's a Drop Down box.

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Rallymax,


          The slider + checkbox behavior was a problem with the first version of the exporter API in CS4, but in CS5 it has been fixed.  The problem was in how the exporter host layer interpreted the parameters specified via the Export Param Suite.  So when making presets for your exporter, it would make sense to use CS5, since CS4 has the problematic behavior.  I haven't tried this, but bringing those presets from CS5 back to CS4 may solve the problem in CS4.


          So far we haven't had any need or request for two editable fields side-by-side.


          Sure, I can add that detail to the docs.