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    Reader X on XP Pro installed but closed immediately after opening


      A week or so ago (today is 2/20/2011), I tried to install Reader X on a system that runs Windows XP Professional and on which the existing version of Adobe Reader was 9.4.2. This system has 2 Gbytes of RAM and has both IE8 and FireFox 3.8 installed on it. It also has Nuance PDF Reader 6.0. I believe that FireFox may be an issue and I supppose that Nuance Reader could also be an issue. The AntiVirus software is McAfee AV Plus consisting of the following components: Security Center 10.5, Virus Scan 14.5, Personal FireWall 11.5 and Site Advisor 3.3.


      Although the install took longer than I expected, it appeared to end successfully with no error messages. However when I tried to open Reader, either by clicking on the desktop Reader 9 icon or by double clicking on any PDF file in the file manager (PowerDesk 7), Reader would open and them immediately close (in well under 1 second).


      When I uninstalled Reader X, I then discovered that I had no install file for Reader 9.x, nor could I find a Reader 9 install file anywhere I searched on the Web. All Web pages that had been advertised to provide links to Reader 9 installation files had been redirected to Reader X install files! So I used System Restore to get back to a working Reader 9.4.2. Although Reader 9 then opened and I could use it to open PDFs, I could not perform a number of standard fiunctions. The text-search function, for example, brought up a dialog box that stated that a plug-in was missing. Fortunately, I have another PC that still had a working copy of Reader 9.4. In the Program Files directory of that PC, I found a subdirectory named Plug_Ins that contained ~20 files with .api extensxions. The corresponding directory on the PC with the restored but no longer fully functional Reader 9.4 installation was empty. So I copied the ~20 .api files from the PC with the fully functional Reader 9 installation to the PC on which the restored Reader 9.4 was not fully functional. That seemed to restore the Reader functions that had ceased to operate.


      However, I do not want to risk a second installation of Reader X because I am afraid that it will not function any better than the first Reader X install. If I could find a working set of Reader 9.4.2 install files, I would probably be willing to try another Reader X installation. Can somebody please tell me where to find Reader 9.4.2 installation files that I can download and save? I am not talking about simply an installer application. Even if it were billed as a 9.4 installer, it would probably fetch the Reader X installation files from the Web. I am looking for a full set of Reader 9.4 installarion files that I can save and use to reinstall Reader 9.4 after uninstalling my next attempt at Reader X. Reader 9.4 works on my system. Reader X did not and I fear that my next try at Reader X won't work any better than did my last attempt.