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    updating to PPRO to 5.03 but computer says 'updater already running', please help

    tfi productions 44 Level 1



      i need some serious help please

      i am trying to install the 5.03 update for PPRO cs5
      and the most recent updates for AE 10.1 and Media Encoder


      i do not take my workstation online
      i downloaded the correct retail versions of the updates

      but when i go to install any of the updates,
      the updater states that there is already an instance of the updater running


      please tell me there is a service i need to start/stop

      i have a lot of black viper tweaks running so i may have turned something off
      that needs to be turned back on...


      i am still on the fresh install from the retail dvds of production premium
      i haven't done any updates because everything has been going smooth
      i am updating so i can use the quadro 4000

      any help would be great...