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    How to re-open tree nodes after a refresh to AdvancedDataGrid's GroupingCollection?

    discoguy77 Level 1
      I have an AdvancedDataGrid, which has as it's dataProvider a GroupingCollection. The GroupingCollection's source is bound to an ArrayCollection. Items in the ArrayCollection can be edited.
      After a change to the ArrayCollection, I refresh() the GroupingCollection so it displays properly. Unfortunately, this collapses the tree of the AdvancedDataGrid, that is, the previously open nodes are no longer open. I would like to re-open the nodes after a refresh.

      In the code provided, I have attempted to save the nodes which were open before the refresh, perform the refresh, then re-expand the nodes with AdvancedDataGrid.expandItem(). But it didn't work, and I am stumped.

      Any ideas on how to expand nodes in the AdvancedDataGrid?
      Any ideas on how to allow the user to modify a data item, including fields used as GroupingFields, in an AdvancedDataGrid?