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    Place a button over a Video?

    DarrenFMc Level 1

      I'm working on a project that will be used on public touch screen device.


      I want to create a looping video that plays until a user touches the screen and then a semi transparent menu appears over the video giving the user the menu choice to move on.


      The video is a quicktime video, but I cannot place a button or any other item over it.


      It this possible?

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          If the video is Direct To Stage, then you can not put anything over it... If you uncheck the DTS box in the Property Inspector, then you will be able to, though the playback quality may suffer.

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            James Newton, ACP Level 3

            You can use a black and white mask with a QuickTime sprite to define an area in the sprite which will remain transparent.  Any sprite which appears in the transparent area will be visible.  If the sprite is in a higher-numbered channel, it will also have priority for mouse events.  You can thus create a button sprite at the appropriate place and it will appear in front of a Direct To Stage #quicktime sprite.

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              Production Monkey Level 3
              If you are developing for a Windows box then you could place a MIAW above the QT video without any performance problems and then set the "blend" of the window to whatever transparency you like. I think the property is "blend". Its been too many years since I have use Director on a daily basis. Memory fading.