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    Usability: toolbars are missing, Tab key works strange.

    Vlad VI



      I had some experience with Adobe Audition for MS Windows while working for my previous employer.

      My current employer uses MacOS X for development, so I tried using 'native' Adobe Audition once it appeared.

      Unfortunately it isn't so convenient as Windows version was.


      With Windows versions I could use customizeable toolbars for actions which I need much, and it saved my time very well.

      Current Mac version lacks such functionality.

      Is there any chances to get more user-friendly interface?


      In addition Tab key works strange:

      1) In Wave Editor mode it switches sub-windows in some random way.

      Thus it's nearly impossible to select left/right channels or switch to file selection using keyboard only which isn't convenient.

      This is a regress from the previous versions (Windows of course) where many fast changes could be applied using keyboard only.

      Ex., with Mac version it's hard to copy left channel from one file to the left channel of another one, which was a matter of 5 seconds with Windows.

      2) In Save dialog Tab key highlights different buttons, but ACTIVE button isn't actually switched!

      With this issue I've saved undesired changes several times:

      While trying to drop latest changes using Tab key to switch to 'No' button and then pressing 'Enter', I've got my files were over-written.


      One more note:

      previous version looks to support more audio file formats and allows better save/load control than the current.

      The current version saves 'additional info' with .wav-files which makes it impossible to use them in some other programs.



      Vlad Vasiliev.