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    Zigzaggy artifacts introduced on rendering in PE9




      I'm a PE9 newbie and I'm consistently getting strange artifacts on the files rendered to AVI or MPEG. I'm creating brief videos that I intend to upload to YouTube and Facebook and I know I can do better than these results.


      The gory background: Because of hardware limitations (a Lenovo laptop that just meets minimum processor and RAM requirements), I'm editing offline, that is, I've converted my original AVCHD files to MPEG and imported the MPEGs into PE9. I do all the editing, then change the file extension in the .prel file to .m2ts before rendering. The modified file loads fine and the preview plays after a fashion, but with no artifacts.


      I then render to an MPEG or an AVI file and see the artifacts, especially when the subject moves. I don't know the right term, but the edges are squiggly or zigzaggy, especially visible at the borders of light and dark areas. AVI seems to perform a bit better.


      Any suggestions? Are there settings in the video encoder that would reduce or eliminate this issue? Does the smaller image size of the MPEGs matter? Any reference material I can review?


      Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.