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    Updating Vid Card Driver - Quadro FX3800

    shooternz Level 6

      Hey guys


      Trouble shooting my card driver and I just downloaded latest driver for Nvidai Qudro FX3800   (267.05)


      Please advise the best way to install it.


      I have always just installed over the top direct from the exe file.

      Thinking this time I need to uninstall old driver ( how?) and install new one fresh.


      FWIW. The issue I am having with the current driver set up is ....


      I have to load up PPRO and then exit..then load up again to get my second monitor recognised.  ( PITA but.. it works)

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          RacerX2oo3 Level 1

          Uninstalling the older drivers is generally recommended.  The uninstall files can usually be found at:  C:\Program Files\Nvidia Corporation\Uninstall


          Once the driver is uninstalled you can install the new driver.  Depending on how you have your system setup, you may find that after uninstalling the driver, once you restart, that the OS will automatically start to install a new Graphics driver (this is standard procedure for Vista and Win7).  If that occurs, restart the system and just install the new drivers over those that were automatically installed. 




          Sean Kilbride

          Technical Marketing Manager, NVIDIA