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    Copy and Paste audio track MIX from one track to another??

    rowby Level 1



      What's the best way to handle this.


      I have a video with one long music track, that I mixed using Adobe Premiere's Audio Mixer.


      The musician made a new version of the track with some very slight modifications in the music.


      Rather than having to remix the entire new track, I would prefer to either:


      1) Copy and paste the attributes of the orginal audio track onto the new music track -- retaining the Mix I did from the original mix.  Is this possible?  I tried it once and it did not seem to work.  (I used the Mixer, not keyframes, to do all of the mix.)




      2)  Is there a setting in Premiere's Audio mixer to "gang" the new track to the old one -- with the new track cloning the old track's mix.


      Or would it be better to bring the two audio tracks into Soundbooth and do it there?





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Can you be more specific about what it is you want to preserve? Is it track effects applied in the Mixer? If so, those can't be copied and pasted--it's a tedious process of rebuilding. Track keyframes don't copy and paste either (clip keyframes do).


          Here's a potential solution though: simply replace the original audio clip with the new one. I'd suggest duplicating your sequence first, and then drag the new audio clip to the sequence, position the clip over the original audio clip, hold down Alt, and release the mouse button. This will perform a replacement, maintaining the original mix. You can also use Alt+Shift to do a match frame replacement, which would be good if you've edited the duration of the source clip in the sequence. In either case, you won't have to do much to tweak the mix; this is assuming, of course, that the music is the same duration, etc.

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            rowby Level 1

            Thanks Colin


            I did a complicated mix on one long background music track and was not looking forward to doing that remix because of various minor music changes made by the musician scattered throughout that long track.


            Your Alt (for replace solution) worked perfectly and saved me a ton of time.


            The fact that Copy attributes for Audio doesn't work for copying audio keyframes is another reason do do audio mixes using the Mixer instead of using keyframes to adjust volume.




            P.S.   And a big LIKE to Adobe's clever programmers for including features like these.