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    Is there any way to get a video clip to snap to a beat marker?


      I have tried everything and cannot get this to work.  The video clip snaps ONLY to the timeline and ignores the beat marker.  It doesn't make any difference if "Snap" is on or off.


      When "Snap" is on and I attempt to move the video clip to snap to the beat marker, I see a red line indicating the edge of the beat marker, but there is no way to get the clip to snap to it.


      This to me is a bug and I hope this can be fixed soon because there is no way to truly synchronize your video to the beats of your audio track.  Those of you who think your video is "beat" synced to your audio, please look very closely at the precise location of your video in relation to your wave forms.


      Another way of putting this whole thing is that there is no way to position the start or endpoint of any video or audio track in-between any frames.  The start and endpoints will always coincide with a frame.  It would be real nice to be able to nudge a track left or right so that it's start or endpoint lie in-between a frame.