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    Most suitable format for exporting video from cs5 to DVD



      In premiere CS5 there are many presets and I can't choose the most suitable.

      I have two different project.

      First project.

      I have one hour 720x576 16:9 dv project , shutting with panasonic DVX100AE, and I want to export it in DVD (via media encoder and encore).

      I want to export from cs5 to dvd writer and I want the best ever quality, so, briefly  which format and settings I have to choose? For example,

      microsoft avi, mpeg2, mpeg2-dvd, quick time, windows media or H.264?

      Second project I have one hour project ,720x576 MPEG2 16:9 shutting with Sony NX-5 and I have to do the same.

      Which is the best export format and settings?

      Any ideas or tutorials ?