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    Adobe Reader X issues- email & saving files

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      Loaded program and discovered two issues. 1st when you hit the icon for e-mail, instead of opening an Outlook message a side panel opens to ask if you want to use an Adobe product for e-mail or compose a regular Outlook message. Looked for a way to stream line and have it operate like it does in Adobe Reader 9 and earlier versions, without success. Then after opening a PDF attachemnt from an e-mail the file save icon was grayed out, so I had to go to the drop down menu to save the flie. Net net, using Adobe Reader X will add time to my two most frequent tasks, so I have reverted back to Adobe 9.


      If someone knows of a work around which provides the functionality of the earlier versions of Adobe Reader, I will try to sample Adobe Reader X, but for now I saw nothing in Adobe X that makes it worth the extra time to do my most common functions.

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          Go to Edit -> Preferences and see the Online Services Preferences dialog, there is an option to “Use Share Pane while sending email attachment”.  By default this is checked.  Unchecking this option will help the user to get to the email compose window directly without using Share Pane.

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            I echo the comments- it has been very frustrating to use X- I corrected the e-mail issue. Here is the much bigger issue for me, how do you set it to go back to the last place where you saved a file. I will batch items to scan and much of the time they go to the same place- in previous versions of Reader it has gone back to where I saved the last document. In X it takes numerous clicks longer to accomplish the same task. I am the only one in our office still using x and will need to go back to 9 to save time. This also seems to be the same thing in Acrobat Pro, that is why I use Reader for general tasks as opposd to Acrobat Pro.