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    Open Folder

    Macro Details Level 2

      I have a folder on the C drive called "Container". Since I often have to open pictures from a camera and Windows always remembers the last task I can not write an action which always opens this particular folder.

      Can a Script be written that always will open this folder regardless what was opened before?

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          Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

          Yes a script can define the same given input folder to use all the time. This could not be passed as an Array for action input or at least I don't think so? However the script could obtain the files for you and process each by running your action…

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            You may be able to do what Muppet Mark wrote in an action without writing a script record a single step action. Action step menu File>Automate>Batch and in the Batch Dialog set up the action set and action, source folder and the desternation option you want to use like "save and close" then click OK.  When  you record this action have only one file in the source folder. After BATCH runs click stop to end the action recording. Expand the action you only want one step in the action the batch step. Depending on the output options used there may be a close recorded before the batch step. Delete all steps except the batch step.

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              Macro Details Level 2

              I do not want the sript to get the files in the Folder and it should not run an action.

              I ussually take 3 pictures and save them in a folder on the C drive named Container then click on a Background in Bridge which invokes the Event Manager which is set to run an action. This action loads saved Selections and pasts picture 1 into the selection named Picture 1 and then Picture 2 into Selection 2 same for picture 3 into Selection 3.

              Now customer wants to put picture 2 into the selection 1. No problem to do that I have an action with 2 stops one stop after opening the Folder. There I select the wanted picture and the action continues to the next stop which is to select the saved selection and it psts this picture into the be me selected Selection. Works great but since I always must open files from the camera I also must navigate all the time to the Folder Container on the C drive.

              The script has only to open this folder nothing else.

              Thanks for your input.

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                Macro Details Level 2

                A clever trick, but I need only to open the folder. Please read my explanation in the reply to Mark.

                The script skould only open the folder Container on the C drive nothing else.

                Yhank you for your input.

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                  Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

                  Im not very good when it comes to PC paths but 'Bridge' does have a browse to 'app.browseTo(someFolder)' if you want this to happen from the Photoshop end then send this in a 'bridgetalk' message… kind of like this…



                  // Put your path here…
                  var f = Folder(Folder.desktop+'/PS JUNK');
                  function openBridge(folder) {
                       var bt = new BridgeTalk();
                       bt.target = 'bridge';
                       bt.body ='app.browseTo("'+folder+'");';



                  If Bridge is not running the message will launch it… The only thing I don't like is on the mac it also opens where Bridge was last too. Never did get around to check if running first then close default window then browse…


                  if you just need regular Finder/Explorer kind of open folder then this should do…


                  // Put your path here…
                  var f = Folder(Folder.desktop+'/PS JUNK');


                  Im not really sure which you mean?

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                    Paul Riggott Level 6

                    Try this Mark..


                    // Put your path here…
                    var f = Folder(Folder.desktop + "/PS JUNK").fsName;
                    function openBridge(folder) {
                         var bt = new BridgeTalk();
                         bt.target = 'bridge';
                         bt.body ='app.document.thumbnail = "'+folder+'";';
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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      It sound like what you want to do is have Photoshop open it Open Dialog for a particular folder and you decovered that if you recorded an action and insert a menu item "File Open" when the action was run you neven knew which folder the file open dialog will defalt to.  That is the nature of the beast.  It seems to default to a folder reciently accessed by Photoshop.  I think I remember trying to do what tou want to do by having an action do something first to the folder I wanted the file open menu item to default to like save a new file into it. However I could never get it to work Photoshop or windows seemd to remenber some folder and I couldn't get it to forget that one and remembet the folder I just saver a temp file into.  A script can process the files in a folder and by retrieving the filename in the folder and open  all, some or none of the files in the folder. So it there is something unique you know about the file you doing to open you may be able to write a script that would find and open that file and terminate thus leaving the file open and active in Photoshop.

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                        JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                        It also sound like to me that your trying to create a Collage where the "Background" you select has some saved selections you use to insert your images into. If that is the case I created a solution some time ago you may be able to use. My package contains Script to populate collage template (Your Background Selection).  It may be all you would need to do to you Background Templates is the renames the saved selection alpha channels to "Image 1", "Image 2", ... "Image n" . My package contain both inteavtive and batch scripts for populating collages.  Check out my Photo Collage Toolkit  package http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/PhotoCollageToolkit.html

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                          Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

                          This should always take you back to a folder to open files from?


                          var dir = Folder(Folder.desktop+'/PS JUNK/Testing Links');
                          var files = dir.openDlg('This is always the same folder?','',true);


                          It no care where I been last…

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                            Macro Details Level 2

                            Could you please write in the string to go to my folder?

                            It's a folder named Container and it is located on the C drive.

                            I tried various typings but to no avail.

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                              Macro Details Level 2

                              Yes you are right I can not go to a specific folder with an action. The only way to do this I guess is with a script, and the script has only to open the folder.

                              I will select the file by clicking on it. The file selection can not be automated because it is always a different one.

                              There are already two scripts put up here but I have no knowledge of modifying them to go to my folder named Container on the C drive. Have modifyed the string several times in different ways but no go.

                              Thanks for all your input here.

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                                Michael L Hale Level 5
                                <snip> and the script has only to open the folder.

                                Neither Photoshop or a Photoshop script can open a folder.


                                I don't think what you want done can be done with a script either.

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                                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                  Try this


                                  var dir = Folder('C:/Container');

                                  var files = dir.openDlg('This is always the same folder?','',true);





                                  I still think your description reads like your trying to create some sort of a collage.  What you call a Background sounds like some sort of Template files with image placement selections. If this is so I still think you should look at my collage toolkit.  The collages it creates are layered PSD documents that you can tweak and move the image about.  Your Images are placed into the collage as smart objects to retain image quality.  The Batch script will remember the last settings used like template file used and the source image folder (your Container) and also the output folder. PSD Files will always be saved so you can tweak them. Its dialog looks something like this:


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                                    Michael L Hale Level 5

                                    JJMack wrote:


                                    Try this


                                    var dir = Folder('C:/Container');

                                    var files = dir.openDlg('This is always the same folder?','',true);


                                    That will not work if more than one file is selected. If you want to open more than one file you need to do something like this.

                                    var dir = Folder('C:/Container');
                                    var files = dir.openDlg('This is always the same folder?','',true);
                                    if( files !=null ){
                                         for(var f = 0;f< files.length;f++){
                                              // really should check that the file object is an image file 
                                              // that Photoshop can open
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                                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                      I think he want to do one file at a time interactivly and use copy paste within an action where I feel he would be better off using place that is why I wanted him to look at my collage toolkit for it uses place and automates the placement and transform. This can be done in an interactivly or in batch mode. It also only open files the Photoshop can open. Interactily using File.openDialog("Select Image" , "Select:*.nef;*.cr2;*.crw;*.dcs;*.raf;*.arw;*.orf;*.dng;*.psd;*.tif;*.jpg;*.png;*.bmp"); the script places the selected image in batch mode a little differently all files that can be opened are places into a template when template is full or images runout a collage is saved. If not full a message is generated. Many collages may be created is a single batch run.

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                                        Macro Details Level 2

                                        Thank you very much. Script works perfect.

                                        I have played around with your Collage Builder and it is of course a very welcome and needed tool fo a whole lot of photographers but it is not the tool for me because I do not make Collages.

                                        I have over 200 Backgrounds and here is how I work. Supose I am going to insert a picture into a Magazin Cover.

                                        I take three pictures then save them into a folder named Container on the C drive. Event Manager uses the Action Set called Task Manager and the Action called 5 Pictures. Now in Bridge I click on lets say two different Magazine Covers and they are opened  the saved Selection Called Picture is loaded (A Selection is an Alpha Channel) the picture No 1 from the Container Folder is opened and put on the clipboard and closed then pastinto the selection of the Magazine.. Other Action can be uses to make the inserted picture 15% bigger or 10% smaller and color correct. Now here is when the script comes in. The customer wants the second picture inserted and I must go to the Container Folder. Without the script I had to navigate to this folder all the time.

                                        Oh yes I could of course past into the selection all 3 pictures taken, but I can not, because some backgrounds have up to 5 saved Selections and it would slow done my computer and I had to go into the layers palette to hide and show the wanted ones. With the way I do it inserting only one picture into each selection.

                                        Here is a Screen Shot of a few Backgrounds I have: On the left I have selections I can call up.


                                        The pictures in the backgrounds are there for the customer to see how the backgrouds look with pictures. A script from this forum Hide All Numbered Layers runs before inserting the new pictures.

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                                          Macro Details Level 2

                                          In my case no need for your modification because the only thing I need to open the folder. When Open I select the desired picture hit Enter picture opens and is put on the clipboard and closed. Since the Background (Template) is still open my action stops and let me select the Saved Selection I want to insert the picture.

                                          Already wrote an Action invoking the Script and it works perfect.

                                          See some Sample Backgrounds.


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                                            Michael L Hale Level 5

                                            Macro Details wrote:


                                            In my case no need for your modification because...

                                            Yes the original script will work if you only select one file.


                                            However others will read this thread and perhaps one day you will want to select more than one file so I corrected the script to work either way. If JJMack did not want the script to accept multiple files he should have not set the multiSelect option to true.

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                                              Yes I just cut and pasted should have removed "TRUE"

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                                                Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

                                                'true' was from my example but I could not get my head around exactly what was wanted at the time…

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                                                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                  I think this is what he would want. He could name it OpenImageInFolderContainer.jsx and use it in his action to do an interactive open image file.



                                                  var dir = Folder('C:/Container');

                                                  var selectedFile = dir.openDlg("Select Image" , "Select:*.nef;*.cr2;*.crw;*.dcs;*.raf;*.arw;*.orf;*.dng;*.psd;*.tif;* .jpg;*.png;*.bmp");

                                                  if( selectedFile !=null ){open(File(selectedFile));}

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                                                    Michael L Hale Level 5

                                                    Muppet Mark wrote:


                                                    'true' was from my example but I could not get my head around exactly what was wanted at the time…

                                                    That's ok Mark, I couldn't either.


                                                    I just wanted the open code corrected in case others reading this thread at a later date tried to use it with multiple files. It wasn't an issue with your post as you didn't include the code to open the returned file or array of files.

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                                                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                      I have to admit I do not do much work in the Bridge. I just develop ACR settings and Rank images there and may use the image processor from the bridge to use its ranking feature filter.  However your examples all look like Collages to me.  Where you might use an image more then once in a collage sometimes.  My interactive collage populating script can do that.  You would need several actions for the three image case the four inage case and  so on.  A single script can do all you cases for a script can look at the selection and know how many images are involves.  My batch script will use the next image in the source folder for the next image. However the interactive script will happly use any image you select  you can select the same image.  Once an image is selected the script  places the images over the correct location and transform it to fit the space at that point it give the user control so they can tweak the place scale the image  and tweak the location. The alpha selection is use as a cropping mask. The difference is in my case is the selections are in the template file which you call your background.  I do not understand how you are using different selection for the same background template... I would think you would always past images into the same locatons on a particular background

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                                                        Macro Details Level 2

                                                        You wrote:

                                                        I do not understand how you are using different selection for the same background template... I would think you would always past images into the same locatons on a particular background.


                                                        They might be called Collages but for me a Collage is a bit different.I could call them Templates but since they are all Backgrounds I call them Backgrounds.


                                                        Each background has either one, two, three, four or five selections named Selection 1, Selection 2 etc. Each Saved Selection  will receive a different picture. I take lets say 3 pictures and an action resizes the first active one and saves it as a jpg in the folder Container with a name Picture 1, after it is saved it is closed, the next picture is resized to a sleighly smaller size saved as Picture 2 and closed. Same for the third picture. An Action takes care of this. As a matter of fact I have 4 actions with shortcuts assigned to them like Shift+F2 for saving two pictures, Shift+F3 for three pictures etc..

                                                        Now I have made Selection in Bridge like City for city backgrounds, Lovers 2 for backgrounds for lovers the 2 indicates that each background in this selection in Bridge has 2 saved selections (Alpha Channels) I named them Picture 1, Picture 2 and Picture 3 etc. Event Manager is set up so when I click on a Background (any one it does not matter how many saved Selections(Alpha Channels) it has) this background opens and loads Selection 1 then opens the Container which holds the saved pictures from the camera opens the Picture named Picture one puts it on the clipboard and and Pasts it into the selection. Next the Selection 2 is loaded and the Picture 2 from the Container is opened and put on the clipboard then closed then pasted into the Selection Called Picture 2. Same procedure for up to five selection for five different pictures in different places of the Background.

                                                        Now here comes in the new script open Container from the C drive I wrote an action for this named Change Picture. I have autoselect layers activated. If the customer wants a given picture replaced with an other one the only thing I have to do is click on the picture in the Background to activate it then run the Action which calls the script "Open Container" I select the picture wanted and this picture opens is put on the clipboard closed and then the dialog box opens (a stop in the action) for Select Selection I select the selection lets say Selection 3 and this picture is inserted over the one already there.

                                                        Before I had a sript running "Hide all Numbered Layers") but I found it not necessary to run it.


                                                        If you guys are interested to check this all out I could provide a few backgrounds, the actions and the scripts. To run it you only have to put the Folder Container and Scrips on the C drive. The backgrounds can be anywhere. You have to set up Event Manager and then in Bridge click on a background and Voila!


                                                        Run this movie and see some thing similar.


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                                                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant


                                                          OK lets call them Templates and lets eliminate the event manger from the picture that just your way of kicking off the process.


                                                          What you are doing and what I do is not much different except I'm scripting the whole process and you are using more than one action.  I started down that path as well.  Your Templates have Alpha Channels named "Picture 1", "Picture 2",  ..., "Picture n" mine use "Image n" instead no big deal.  The difference is in how you populate Templates and the way I populate Templates.   Because I'm scripting the whole process all I need is a single script for it can handle templates with any number of images as long as the image alpha channels are numbered consecutively so when the script can not find "Image n+1" it knows the Collage is complete.


                                                          The other big difference between us is how we populate images the collage template.  You opening the image copying the image to the clipboard closing the image file and pasting the image into the Template.  Where my interactive script uses the alpha camels for placement guide and layer mask so serve two purposes Placement guide and Cropping mask.  The user can select any image on their system. I don't one to confine them to a single container.  So yes for the first image  they have to mouse around to select the folder the image.  For the following images the don't have to mouse around unless the image is in a different folder the first one.  So when images are populated they can get three form a single folder then switch folders for the next three and so on.  Also I do not use Copy and Paste instead I use menu File>Place. After an images is placed into the collage the script transformed it to fit or over fill the selected area and then the script moved the placed image into place over the area. The selection is added as a layer mask so it mask off any over fill.  The script then gives the user control is a transform dialog where they can tweak the placement increase the size of the image and or move the image within the cropping layer mask which is unlinked from the image.  However there is a special requirement the needs to be followed for this automated placement to work templates and images must have the same DPI resolution there sizes do not matter.  The is required because of the way Photoshop implemented "Place"  I could program it so that would not need to be required. However the script I would need to open the all the image files and those with a different DPI then the Template would need to have its DPI changed be save for the "Place Automation to Work" Then its DPI restore the original DPI and save again.  I did not want that overhead. However if the script did open the image files it would have access to it meta-data.


                                                          My Template may optionally have layers over the required Photoshop background images will be place over the background and under the template layers over the background.  The Optional Filename stamp text layers are over all layers.  Selection of course can be any shape.  Make Collages like these very easy to create.  Note how Landscape and Portrait mismatch aspect ratio are positioned. These templates have plan white background layes.


                                                          Same image into portrait areas



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                                                            phosphorspitter Level 1

                                                            I am back to your way and give it another try. I will take me two or three days because I will be a bit busy over the next days.

                                                            Stay tuned I might have a few questions.

                                                            For me I will have no need to mouse around to find my pictures because they are always in the same folder and never more than 5.

                                                            All my pictures are resized and use 240DPI  the Templates are also 240DPI I also print in 240PPI on an Epson R1900

                                                            BTW. Are you located in NYC?  I thought so because of the 9/11 related pictures.

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                                                              Macro Details Level 2

                                                              I am playing with it. Here is a sample made with CS4.

                                                              I changed the text color. I also used pictures I have saved ishould n my Container Folder at 240DPI for the test.

                                                              Tomorrow I will modify one of me Templates with 3 picture.

                                                              Should I start a new Discussion over in Photoshop Windows to discuss your automation?


                                                              BTW Norbert Bissinger and Phosphorspitter are the same person.

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                                                                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                                North of the city I did work in it for ten years.... There is no need to resize you images Placed images are transformed into the areas The transform effectively resize and resamples the resized image to the templates DPI so IMO it best to keep all your cameras pixels.  The reason images and templates need to have the same DPI is so that the Photoshop "Place" operation will place the image in full size without any scaling resize.  That way the script can get actual number of Pixels in the image file and also get the areas pixel size and do the correct transformation.  Place places the whole image into the template and the script can force the no resize place  preference  but even with that option Photoshop may scale the image being place to match the templates DPI.  If Images and Templates have the same DPI the image is place at 100% scale no scaling is done.  Photoshop supports layers up to something like 30,000 by 30,000 Pixels Image layers can be larger, smaller on the same size of the templates canvas size.   Places image layers are also smart object layers and can be transformed many times without suffering quality loss from repetitive resizing for the resize is always done from the original placed image.

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                                                                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                                  If you want we can take this offline and do it through e-mail just remember I can not type use only two or three fingers and have many typos and spelling errors. Using e-mail will increase my typing and spelling errors. If you have any problem send me the Template file you create.


                                                                  From what I see you used one of my templates which has a 300 DPI so your images DPI do not match it so they don't get placed correctly.  Just eidt my Template Files use image Size check resample and change the DPI setting to 240 DPI to match your image and keep the print size as is.  Save the Template you could create a one step action and batch it to change all templates to have your 240DPI setting.   Try some of the templates with more thyen one image to get a better feel for how it works.....


                                                                  Your results will the look more like this http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/JJMackTime.jpg

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                                                                    Macro Details Level 2

                                                                    Yes I just wanted to check it out without going to change DPI. Just wanted to see how it works.

                                                                    Run one of your multiple Template and got an error telling me that it will not work on this version of Photoshop (CS4)

                                                                    Tonight I will download the trial of CS5 and see what's happening. See Screen Shot. Template was changed to 240 DPI.

                                                                    We can do it with Email. I too type with a few fingers and am German and my spelling has also some problems.

                                                                    I do not judge people by their spelling.

                                                                    Just give me a private message if you want to go the Email rout.


                                                                    This one was made with the right DPI.


                                                                    • 31. Re: Open Folder
                                                                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant



                                                                      That type of message useally happen when Photoshop current state sometimes current target does not support the feature that is being attempted ie  like try to clip a layer to an other layer when the currently targeted layer is cilpped to an other layer the clip command is not currently available. Can not tell what the current target was in you screen capture. My script should work in CS4.  It also does not look like you running my InteractivePopulateCollage Script.  For it will edit the template in a  Photoshop Full Screen  window with menu Bars.  Where the Template has been scalled down in size to make it easier for the user to tweak the image placement when the user is given control in a free transform dialog. Your screen should look something like this. I places one image and tweaked the transform with some rotation.  I placed the second image and rotated it in the transform dialog but I cancelled the transform to have the script generate a message at that point I did a screen capture.




                                                                      Looking at the script code it looks like you ran BatchMultiImageCollage script and you pointed it at the pb3_14x11T2_6x4.psd Template try that again and have the Layers palette visible so we can see the target it should be the Background layer for the first image is placed above the background layer. That template also only has a background layer. Place should be available. I just ran the script and that template and pointed to a source image folder that had three images I resazed the resulting collage and saved it as a jpeg here it is.

                                                                      http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/Collage_1_ pb3_14x11T2_6x4.jpg

                                                                      • 32. Re: Open Folder
                                                                        Macro Details Level 2

                                                                        Modified one of my Templates and run the

                                                                        script Interactive populatecollage. Worked fine. See here:


                                                                        and here is the finished product.


                                                                        Still working on it to see what I can do what works for me. Will take a few hours because have other things to do.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Open Folder
                                                                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                                          I have two displays and keep my paletts on the second one you may have a easier time with it. If you use shift+tab to hide the paletts before you run the script.


                                                                          The Batch schripts should also work  If it continues fail on CS4 which I never had I would like you to be my tester.  If it a bug in CS4 Adobe will not fix an old release. I may be able to program around it. The Batch script of course has no interactivity all is automatic many collarges can be created in a single batch run. Templates are populated in the order of Image number 1,2,3.... and stacket on top of ech other  image one will be just above the background. 


                                                                          You can add a sequence number prefix to the images filenames followed by a #  to sequende how the image will be placed. If you stamp file names on images this prefix number will be stripped off. The text layers added by the script will be the upper most layers in the PSD collage. 


                                                                          While the interactive script does not save the collage the batch scripts always saves completed collages.  If the collage is incomplete and the script runs out of source images the incomplete collage will remain open in Photoshop.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Open Folder
                                                                            Macro Details Level 2

                                                                            Gownloaded CS5 trial and run theBatchmultimagecollage script. It runs and I can see in the Layers Pallete that it inserts all pictures but when it finishes I get

                                                                            the message that it run out of pictures and only the first pictures is shown.regardless which template I use. Still in CS4 no go.

                                                                            I work without showing the palettes using shortcuts on a laptop.

                                                                            My pictures in the Container folder are all named Picture 1, Picture 2 up to Picture 5.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Open Folder
                                                                              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                                              I sent you a  privaye message today to your other userid about some changes I made to the scripts because of what I learnt in this thread.  The chances should enable you to set a couple variable in the scripts so the default starting folders will be for you template and image folders.   You just need to modify the defaults I set. The root path for my Template Folders is "C:/Program File/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Templates/"  This is I folder I created it is not one that Adobe created the default image root is "~/My Documents/My Pictures/" the users Pictures folder.


                                                                              About the message lets say you point the script a a template that requires 5 images and you also point it to a image folder that has 26 images.  The script will create and save 5 collages into the desternation folder and start to build the sixth collage populate one image and run out of images. At that point the script will put out that message when you click OK the script will end and the sixth collage will remain open in photoshop incompleat.  Had there  been only 25 image the script would have created and saved five collages and ended with out the error message. 


                                                                              Please download the package again and use the updated scripts.  Please also test with CS4 which I do not have do the fail the work for me on CS3 and CS5.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Open Folder

                                                                                Thank you for providing this file open script. I have one problem that I can't solve. I can get the script to open any folder except one I called "Images".  Is a folder named "Images" not an allowed name?

                                                                                • 37. Re: Open Folder
                                                                                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                                                  The scripts as far as I know should be able to process any folder. Which Script, what OS and which release of Photoshop are you running? Also what is the full path of your Images folder and what does the its direcrory lists contain?


                                                                                  Some of the scripts will fail in CS6 if you do not change your Photoshop preferences user interpolation defalt from Adobe's default Bicubic Automatic because of a bug in CS6 scripting Adobe failed to add support for that setting so Scripts that want to preserve the user enviroment will encounter a Photoshop internal error.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Open Folder
                                                                                    ocphotog Level 1

                                                                                    Thanks for your reply.

                                                                                    I'm using the script you gave in reply 21.

                                                                                    Windows 7, 64bit is the OS.

                                                                                    The path is.  Q:/Images

                                                                                    Inside that folder are folders with client names


                                                                                    I've set up other versions of the script with these folders and they worked perfectly.


                                                                                    Q:/Sues Templates




                                                                                    It's the Images folder that doesn't work. It gives me a dialog box in the Q:  drive.


                                                                                    Any help is appreciated.

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                                                                                      ocphotog Level 1

                                                                                      Forgot.  Using CS 5

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