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    Can Flash fuse together adjoining vector areas of same colour ?

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      Can I select all areas of the same fill/line colour attributes and tell flash to fuse them together into one new area so removing all the internal vector edges ?


      Where is that command ?


      Desperately wondering how I can reduce the complexity of some artwork, to try and stop CS5 crashing, or CS4 saying out of memory.

      I have a graphics exported from a mapping program as an Adobe Illustrator file.  Lots of adjoining coloured areas, there being five different colours on the map. many of these areas abutt and are the same colour, so the vector lines between them could be removed and hopefully reduce the file size.


      Explained a different way, imagine a world atlas map with France Germany and Spain all in yellow, can I select them and choose fuse and lose their adjoining boundaries ?


      Is there in fact a clever way of getting flash to select all areas of the same colour, so I dont miss any , then fuse them ?


      This assumes that my issues lie with complexity of artwork and not just the number of layers I have in my movie clip.


      I seem to have reached a limit of Flash CS5, 27Mb file of 16 layers, each layer a movie clip, 5 of which are these coloured areas. This will severeley limit my plans yet I see far more complex diagrams on the net. If this was a Freehand file it would be a few Kb.


      Any other ideas how to lessen file size for such maps ?



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          moccamaximum Level 5

          You could try to import the source file in flash as a high resoultion bitmap (png is perfect), and the use the Flash intern tracing function to vectorize it. Modify>Bitmap>draw.

          Then comes a dialog where you have to specify your vectorize options, try experimenting with these, and see if you get what you wants.

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            prodigalmaster Level 2

            (in CS3 and previous versions) Fills of the EXACT same colour and touching eachother do merge into one. However they need to be on the same layer and in the same place(all on the main timeline or all in a movieclip). Is this what you mean?

            right click a movieclip then select break and it should make them a normal fill but stop them being movieclips, then make sure all the fills are on the same layer then select all of the fills and while selected click the colour picker and pick a colour on the fills you have selected and it will make the whole fill joined with the colour you just selected... good luck, save before trying all of this.