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    Application Focus - Problems when styles are applied.


      Hi Chaps,


      Looking into some usability improvements for our product portfolio and adding application focus on creationComplete was the obvious answer. With a little bit of HTML template modifications and a little Flex code this can be achieved.

      Application basically focuses and allows users to type into a TextInput straight away. A common required for a Login Screen.




      Trying to use a combination of runtime loading of styles along with embedded fonts seems to break the application focus.


      I've tried four different examples, only the last example fails to achieve what I am after. The problem is, that is the one I need working!


      Default Flex with Local Fonts - http://michaelhenley.info/flex3/applicationfocus/example1/ApplicationFocus.html


      Default Flex with Embedded Fonts - http://michaelhenley.info/flex3/applicationfocus/example2/ApplicationFocus.html


      Styled Flex with Local Fonts - http://michaelhenley.info/flex3/applicationfocus/example3/ApplicationFocus.html


      Style Flex with Embedded Fonts -http://michaelhenley.info/flex3/applicationfocus/example4/ApplicationFocus.html


      Any insight would be great. I've had a quick search around and noticed a lot of posts related to application focus, nothing however relates to loading stylesheets at runtime, embedded fonts and application focus.


      If you need any further information then let me know.

      Thanks in Advance