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    "Adobe InDesign AS5 has stopped working" when I set visible=true

    mlavie Level 1

      I am running CS5 on Windows 7 64 bit, and developing an ActionScript Extension app.



      My application creates a new Document and Page, and places all sorts of PageItems on the page. I have a Vector of PageItem (Vector.<PageItem>) which has about 150 entries, each of which is a PageItem on the current Page. I iterate through them, and for each one I set "visible=true" (I had previously set "page.pageItems.everyPageItem().visible=false").


      Around the 100th entry (the exact Vector entry which falls is not always the same), I get the dreaded "Adobe InDesign AS5 has stopped working" pop-up, and InDesign dies.


      I have the "visible=true" command encased in try/catch, but it does not catch any error.


      Again, please note that I create the document anew each time, so that this is not an issue of a corrupted document.


      TIA to anyone who could help me.