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    online/offline workflow PPRO


      I have experimented with 720x480 dv ntsc widescreen versions of my AVCHD files for editing/cutting on a laptop.....so that I can then move the drive over to my 6-core tower to then reconnect the AVCHD original files for final encoding at full res. I make my cuts/edits in a 720x480 dv ntsc widescreen seq.....then copy them and paste them into an AVCHD seq and reconnect .mts files without issue.


      Problem: I do ALOT of multicam work. Would like to be able to "cut" the multicam on my laptop in DV NTSC but when I try to bring the nested multicam seq over into an AVCHD @ 1920x1080 I can't get the "cut" multicam to resize. Because I am unable to change the seq settings for the existing DV NTSC seq.


      Am I missing something?


      The only way I could get this to work was to import the NTSC files into the AVCHD seq. (which makes them appear smaller in the frame) and cut them there, then reconnect originals with no prob.


      Is there a way to do multicam editing with the use of lower res files? without this resizing issue?


      Please help. Thanks! :o)

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          Chemex74 Level 1

          ANYBODY AT ALL?!?

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            You have a history of being impatient and not being willing to wait for answers to your questions.  I suggest you lower your expectations about just how fast others should respond to you.



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              Chemex74 Level 1

              Well.......thats awful harsh dont ya think?  Did you ever think that there is logical reason for my impatience instead of just bashing me straightway?


              Allow me to give you what I believe to be a valid reason why I am being "impatient".  80-90% of the questions about PPro I post on Cow or here on adobe forums gets ZERO response.  I see every other post around me getting responses, within minutes.  People write things like "i am on a deadline...please help" or "up against a wall on a proj.....need help right away" and they get the responses almost immediately.  I answer as many people's questions that I can and try be helpful on here and on cow, but yet when I post a question I get nothing.  Wouldn't you be frustrated?  I sometimes wonder why I even try on Creative Cow.....I havent rcv'd an answer there in the last 5-7 posts I have put up there.......are my questions that intense, that people of higher levels of experience can't even answer them?  Really?


              It has nothing to do with history of impatience......it has to do with a history of getting no help.  I see people with years of experience helping others.......what gives?  Besides, as an editor you cannot tell me that you have never been up against a wall on a deadline and never had the fears of not finishing a project on time....and not been a bit antsy about getting some quick help to fix your issue.....half the posts on these forums are of "urgent" nature.  You must be pretty busy writing replies to so many people telling them to be more patient.


              What about you??  As a "community professional" you are quick to tell me to be patient.......but you didn't offer any suggestions to try to help me....which would in turn help how many other people?


              When a person goes to a forum of pro's, experienced users etc. isnt it natural to have expectations of getting some help?


              I was/am not trying to make enemies here......I "chip in" as often as I know the answer to someones issue. I am learning just like everyone.



              Be nice.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                Here's my answer:


                Solve the real issue and get a better computer so you can edit the native video files.


                I didn't post this morning because I figured you'd ignore that answer.  But, you seem to really want one so...there it is.

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                  Chemex74 Level 1

                  Okay Jim, well I guess deserved that one.


                  However just for the record:


                  I have experimented with 720x480 dv ntsc widescreen versions of my AVCHD files for editing/cutting on a laptop.....so that I can then move the drive over to my 6-core tower to then reconnect the AVCHD original files for final encoding at full res.



                  I do have a real computer....a 6-core tower (as stated above) with a card running Mercury that can edit the files natively.  I just thought that if I could get an answer to the question.....I could have my other editor sitting here cutting multicams on my laptop when he is not doing photoshop or encore work.


                  Not too mention, I figured this could help quite a few people out there considering there is not alot of info on "good" proxy/online-offline editing workflow out there.....and MANY people have underpowered systems and are trying to find workflow with AVCHD formatted cameras.  Kind of a gray area, they explain "what" it is, but not a step by step workflow including transcode settings for proxy/low-res files etc.  AND/OR as I brought up, a solution to the issue of multicam workflow for the online/offline thing.


                  Soooooo........not sure why the under-lying hostility.......just trying to run a business, keep ahead of the game, satisfy clients, and provide for a wife and a 3-year old.....just like every other person who comes here looking for answers to help them meet deadlines and keep the lights on.  So my apologies if (much like 60%+ of the other people who post here) I seemed impatient.

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                    cvid01 Level 4

                    Have you tried to interpret the footage to bring it back to proper dimensions?

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                      Chemex74 Level 1




                      thanks for your response.....


                      I have not tried that actually.  The thing that first comes to mind though, is that i am copying the cuts from my 720x480 multicam nest into the new 1920x1080 avchd seq.  (i can't change the seq settings of the nest to avchd.)  so that is why i am copying the cuts from the one into the other.  I have tried "scale to frame size"  but that doesnt work either.  the 720x480 "footprint" crops out the 1920x1080 portion of the footage.  its kinda weird.


                      if i were to try to interpret footage which should I interpret......the lowres copies or the avchd master files?



                      thanks again!  would love to solve this.

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5
                        function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                        Allow me to give you what I believe to be a valid reason why I am being "impatient". 


                        That was part of a well thought-out post that deserves a thoughtful reply.  You have to realize that most people only spend a limited amount of time in the forum.  Of those that do visit, only a select percentage will probably have the same type of media and workflow that you do.  Of those, many will not have, or have had, the same problem(s) that you do.  Of those that do, only a few may have a solution that worked for them.  You have to give those few folks time to get to your post, read and understand it, and craft an answer.


                        You see many posts getting almost immediate replys.  Most of those have one of two things in common: they're easy to answer by almost anyone because the folks posting are just getting started with Pr.  Or the folks answering are members of the forum "regulars" who spend much more time here than the average member, have a ton of experience, and come across those questions pretty quickly after they've been posted.


                        Your question isn't run-of-the-mill, and these days, there aren't a whole lot of people who edit offline with Pr any more.  I don't, which is why I couldn't help you out with technical info.  It's just not part of my workflow.  Plus, you posted at a time of day when the usual company of regulars didn't appear to be online.  And once they got online, it's likely they had to wade through a ton of topics, further delaying any attention to yours.


                        So if you have hard questions that you expect will need advanced users to help you answer, you should expect to have to wait longer than than the new user who wants to know, "What sequence preset do I use?"  And you have to be prepared for the possibility that no one knows the answer, or even where to start.  Users like that will usually just not post anything, further adding to the appearance that you're being ignored.


                        As a Community Professional, which badge often indicates a forum moderator also, I advocated patience and lowered expectations because demanding a response in all caps so soon after your OP is poor forum etiquette, and may alienate what few users remain that may actually be able to help you.



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                          ninteknohardcore Level 1

                          I'm using a similar workflow wherein the online files are 1920x1080 24fps uncompressed... I offline on my laptop... I didn't want to screw around with scaling so I did some tests and found that if I rendered proxy versions at 1920x1080 24fps using the Photo-jpeg codec at %50 they play back fine on my laptop... When I rendered the proxies I rendered them from After Effects them using the same file names and just sent them to a different directory... then moved them over to the laptop...


                          When the cut is done... I just have to open the project file on my workstation and reconnect the media to the online versions.. since they are the same resolution there's no scaling problem.

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                            Chemex74 Level 1




                            Hey....I thank you for your reply.  I apologize for being a bit over-ambitious/impatient earlier.  What you said makes a lot of sense.....I was just "in the moment" of frustration and well.....it can get the best of a person sometimes.  I will do my best to refrain from that sort fo thing from this point forward.


                            I thank you for not just writing me off.....very kind of you.  Have a great night!




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                              Chemex74 Level 1



                              thanks for your input.....I will give that a try!  That seems to be the way to get around the scaling issues when re-connecting files later on in the process.  I will give it a shot.  Thanks for the help!!