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    Can I insert Page Breaks in Acrobat X?


      I've got a 1 page scanned document in Acrobat X Pro.  I'd like to split it at a point I choose into a 2 page pdf file.  Is that possible in Acrobat?


      In say Word, I'd just insert a Page Break.  I looked for a Page Break In Acrobat but couldn't find one.  I did find Pages > Split Document but that splits on pages or bookmarks, so not really relevant to my problem.  I could get the scissors out, cut the original piece of paper, and re-scan as 2 pages.  But that isn't ideal for the volume I'll be handling in future.


      I'm sure the gurus here will know a neat and efficient way of doing this - or know straightaway that it can't be done - or just point me to something really obvious that was there all along but I missed!  Thanks for any input.