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    Apache and IIS for commercial use

      Can I use this module in my webapplication ? Is it allow to use in commercial environment?
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          I'm not the authority here but I do NOT think you can use it commercially for the following reasons...

          The End user Agreement clause
          - 2. says " ..License is granted to a personal, limited, nonexclusi\ve, roytalty free license for purpose of EVALUATING the software..."
          - 2.1.1 says "This package does NOT contain the open source version of the FLex SDK"

          Section 1.5 defines "Internal Network" as one that excludes the internet - but there is no mention in the licensing document that prohibits use the software on the internet for personal evaluation purposes. I may have to read it wrong but that is what I inferred...

          Anyway, a lawyer and a couple of hundred dollars may give you the right answer!