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    Not Printing From Reader Correctly


      When printing a specific .pdf file, for some reason it is not printing correctly. Whilst the .pdf seems to display and print the file ok it doesnt have the 'header data' as such which is where the Date and Time at the very top of the page including the revant reference numbers and page numbers. It displays this information on screen but will not print. Any ideas?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Background and Watermarks can be added to a file to appear when viewed but not when printed. Are you sure what you are seeing are not a Background or Watermark? It may be possible to use the same features through Javascript to get page numbers to appear when viewed but not printed. What happens if you turn Javascript off?

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            Vospers Level 1

            Hi Thanks for the reply. Not a watermark or anything like that though I hadnt thought of that, its a PDF that is emailed to us, we then get the customers to sign and we then scan or fax it back to them. 2 of my users when printing it do not get the information at the top but if they email it to me or their manager on site we are able to print it no problems. Because its a finance house, if it doesnt have this information on the return they do not process the payment.

            I even tried a different printer to no avail. Really bizarre!.

            All parties concerned are using Adobe Reader 9.0